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  • Geoff Smith on 2015-Aug-11 01:53:49 Geoff Smith said

    Had a 10 day cruise on this boat in summer 1967 at the age of 15 with school CCF.Devenport, Falmouth and Helford River. Rough, most of time in harbour.Booms to catch Torrey Canyon oil still in place.A bit cramped but food good. Contingent leader Commander Robin Jenks ex sub mariner.Learnt quite a bit about navigation and boat handling.
  • Colin Taylor on 2015-Dec-28 05:21:06 Colin Taylor said

    I had a week on Alnmouth with the RN when I was an Artificer Apprentice at HMS Fisgard in Torpoint, E. Cornwall in 1976. I remember being intolerably sea sick but still expected to function and take part in exercises on the boat.
    We had the Nigerian Navy training with us and I remember an exercise with a blacked out gas mask where we had to find our way down the ladder into our cabin and get into the chief's cabin behind the ladder. When one of the Nigerians came stumbling blind down the ladder on his turn, as he put his hand on the dinner table at the bottom of the ladder, my friend pushed a plate of butter under his hand, and then every time he put his hand down he put the butter under his hand again. I nearly died laughing. Then, his hand covered in butter, he attempted to climb into a metal locker that was next to the chief's door, it was only a foot wide. Oh how we laughed.
  • Deb Jarvis on 2016-Jun-15 12:33:09 Deb Jarvis said

    My dad Leonard Jarvis worked on the Alnmouth training sea cadets for many many years. I used to go on it for day trips when it docked in the bay (Torquay). Can still remember the familiar smell of her. Fantastic boat.