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Euryalus - MFA San Ambrosio

                Euryalus - MFA San Ambrosio                                                         More
Euryalus - MFA San Ambrosio From Bill Forster. Refuelling Formidable & Euryalus, July 1945. See comments below and this link A HARD FOUGHT SHIP .
See this link for ship identities.
  • Bill Forster on 2013-Jan-22 15:06:31 Bill Forster said

    This photograph was sent to me by the son of Cdr Sidney Gregory Clark RN who died in October last year aged 95. He was the last surviving officer on HMS HECLA when it sank on Armistice Day 1942 and also the first Director of the RN Museum at Portsmoth. You can see an account of his life here:

    The photograph shows a Hunt Class destrohttp://www.holywellhousepublishing.co.uk/yer refueling at sea from what to me looks like a Dale Class Oiler. Can anybody confirm this and identify the ship?

    My father was the Chief Engineer of RFA ALDERSDALE, the first of the Dale Class, when it was launched in 1937. You can see his photographs in the RFA PEOPLE GALLERY on this site.

    Bill Forster
  • Barry DIXON on 2013-Jan-22 15:40:46 Barry DIXON said

    Editors Note: Delete link in word destroyer. Add link to Cdr Clark http://www.holywellhousepublishing.co.uk/Greg_Clark.html
  • Bill Forster on 2013-Jan-22 16:35:44 Bill Forster said

    I would like to point out my own error in the previous post. The ship refueling alongside the Dale Oiler is a Dido Class light cruiser and NOT a Hunt Class destroyer!

    There also appears to be a second ship refueling astern.

    Bill Forster
  • Barry DIXON on 2013-Jan-22 21:44:01 Barry DIXON said

    I think the funnel markings indicate Pacific Fleet which may narrow it down to Cedardale, Echodale or Dingledale.
  • Barry DIXON on 2013-May-09 08:35:22 Barry DIXON said

    Ships now identified - "TASK FORCE 57
    Refuelling enroute to join the U.S. Third Fleet off Japan Fleet. Fleet tanker San Ambrosio refuelling cruiser Euryalus and carrier Formidable. July 1945."
    Copyright Imperial War Museum Negative ABS626
    So not a Dale Class after all.