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RFA Sir Lancelot 1970 - 1989

    Sir Lancelot was the first ship of this type ordered in 1961. She was in collision with the Algerian motor vessel Djurdjura on 19 February 1977 off Calshot Pillar Buoy; extensive damage above the waterline forced her to return to Marchwood. She took part in the Falklands campaign, being hit twice by bombs while in the San Carlos anchorage, although fortunately, for the webmaster and others, none of the bombs exploded. (See Falklands Album.) She was sold in 1989 to UK shipowners Lowline and renamed Lowland Lancer, and later became a floating casino in Cape Town. In 1994, she was commissioned into the Singapore Navy as Perseverance. She was sold to the private naval support company Glenn Defense Marine Asia in 2003 and renamed Glenn Braveheart. In 2008 was renamed briefly as Ark, and arrived at Chittagong on 12 March to be broken up. Sir Lancelot when new. Farewell Sir Lancelot.
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