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Mars Tanker

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Mars Tanker Image courtesy of the RN Website. "A new generation of 37,000-tonne tankers have been ordered for the Royal Navy fleet, the MoD announced today. The new Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) tankers will maintain the Royal Navy’s ability to refuel at sea and will provide fuel to warships and task groups."
Overall Length - 200.9m •Length between perpendiculars - 185.1m •Breadth (moulded) - 28.6m •Depth to main deck (moulded) - 14.3m • Draught - 10m Cargo- Issuable cargo will be circa 19,000m3
Tanks for Diesel Oil, Aviation Fuel and Fresh Water. Lub oil stored in drums. Stowage for up to 8x20 containers
Flight deck for 1 medium helicopter. Maintenance hangar. In-flight refuelling capability
3 abeam RAS stations for Diesel Oil, Aviation Fuel and Fresh Water. Solid RAS reception up to 2te. Future Fit of 1 stern fuel delivery reel. VERTREP using organic helicopter
Accommodation 63 crew. 46 non-crew embarked persons

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