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Olna 1956

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Olna 1956 Photo Tyne. From http://britains-smallwars.com/suez/untis.html "OLNA was the fastest fleet oiler in the Med task force and R/V'd with the fleet 60 miles N.of Suez on the night of the attack. She was escorted off the N African coast by a NZ Cruiser HMZS ROYALIST who had asked to join in and been told that she should only fire in self defence! OLNA did a fast run back to MALTA - mid operation to top up with Fuel oil - running darkened ship through the US Fleet - not unchallenged ! I was the ship's Third Officer. Captain Shaw (OLNA) and the Captain of HMS JAMAICA, with hand signals from the bridge, did a 180 degree course alteration, in 10 degree steps, while fuelling underway - this was possible the forerunner of the now commonly practised "Corpen November". We were awarded the Naval General Service Medal. Thanks to Commodore Richard Thorn CBE RFA for this entry."

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