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Blue Ranger cruise 1952

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Blue Ranger cruise 1952 Four or so family groups embarked on Blue Ranger, under the command of Capt.Flint, on 20th July 1952 for what was supposed to be a ten day trip around the Med. Unfortunately, a few days into the voyage, the Egyptian revolution of 1952 (the 23rd July Revolution) took place, King Farouk abdicated, the fleet went on alert and RFA Cruising was interrupted. The families had to transfer to a rust bucket called the Empire Peacemaker (a former WW2 rescue ship under army control) and were eventually returned to Malta.

RFA Cruises continued during the 50’s. There are other stories about a couple of kids going missing on one trip – they were eventually found safe and sound hiding in one of the lifeboats. If you have recollections, please eMail the Webmaster.

Thanks to Phill Rose (in this pic) for sharing pics. and letters.

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