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RFA Brown Ranger 1941 - 1974

                                RFA Brown Ranger 1941 - 1974                                                                           More
RFA Brown Ranger 1941 - 1974 At Pembroke Dock 1973.Chris Farmer.
GRT 3417. Built H&W Glasgow. 6 Cyl H- B&W. Speed 14.
Based Gibraltar and escort oiler on all Malta convoys and N. African landings. Port oiler Bone and Algiers. Thence Pacific Fleet including Leyte and re-occupation of Honkers and Shankers. Royal tour with Vanguard. Latterly between the Med and Home stations with a venture across the Pacific to support Sir Percivale. Laid up Portsmouth November 1974 for disposal. Sold for scrap at Gijon, April 1975.

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