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Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
The Admiralty Yard Craft Service was the civilian service which operated auxiliary vessels for the Admiralty, mainly in HM Dockyards or the vicinity. It was renamed the Port Auxiliary Service (PAS) in 1959, and later the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service from 1976.
The Fleet Coaling Service and the Admiralty Dredging Service were separate, but closely related, services.
By 1947, the other two services had fully amalgamated into the Yard Craft Service.
Vessels of the Service flew the Blue Ensign defaced by the yellow Admiralty anchor.
The RMAS merged with the former Port Auxiliary Service and the Admiralty Cable Service to form a component of the Naval Service that is known as Marine Services. Marine Services was put out to commercial tender by the Ministry of Defence and since 1996 tugs, lifting craft, various tenders have been operated by Serco Denholm. Serco were preferred bidders for the next contract, and the RMAS was disbanded on 31 March 2008.