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The Philatelic RFA -  From The Collection of Maurice Mann.        Joplin Medley

There are, of course, many other Commemorative Covers showing RFAs, but these do not necessarily have RFAs depicted on the stamps themselves.

Does anyone know of any other RFAs depicted on stamps?   If you do, please let me know at  

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1.    Pitcairn Islands: “Operation Pallium”.  New Harbour development depicting RFA SIR GERAINT.  Date of issue 18 Dec 1978.

2.                    Tristan da Cunha:  RFA vessels    RELIANT, TIDEFLOW, TARBATNESS and  ORANGELEAF.  Date of Issue 24 November 1978.

3.         Pitcairn Islands:  50th Anniversary of United Nations:   RFA BRAMBLELEAF. Date of Issue. 24 October 1995

4.           British Indian Ocean Territory Exercise “Ocean Wave”:  Stamp issue depicting RFA’s SIR PERCIVALE, DILIGENCE & FORT GEORGE..  Date of issue 1997

5.            South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands: RFA Vessels DILIGENCE, TIDESPRING, GOLD ROVER & SIR PERCIVALE.                                    Date of issue  28 May 2001.

6. Tristan da Cunha: RN Connections:  RFAs GOLD ROVER, TIDEFLOW, DILIGENCE, TIDESPRING & WAVE CHIEF.                                                      Date of issue 8 December 2003.

7.        St Helena:  60th  Anniversary of End of WW II.  RFA DARKDALE. Date of issue 15 July 2005.

8.     Tristan da Cunha: Centenary of the RFA:  Cover depicting RFAs MAINE & WAVE KNIGHT.  Date of issue 3 August 2005.

9. Seychelles. 1984 LLOYDS LIST ISSUE:

10. 25th Anniversary of the Battle for the Falklands:  (NB. On the 8th June, Sir Galahad was at Fitzroy, not San Carlos as stated ).


12. Tristan da Cunha. Seafaring & Exploration: Depicting RFA Lyme Bay (Despite the Ensign!).  Date of Issue 9 March 2009.

13. St HELENA. CHRISTMAS 2011 ROYAL FLEET AUXILIARY SHIPS. Issued: Monday 14 November, 2011.

           More on Darkdale here.



 (The image used for Darkdale is actually of Dingledale. http://rfaaplymouth.org/rfaaphotoarchive/displayimage.php?pid=785  )

14.  Malta. 70th Anniversary of Operation Pedestal.  Date of Issue 10 August 2012.



PAGE 2 - Commemorative Covers