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Wave Ruler in Liverpool. By Edgar Hodges.

Wave Ruler in the South Atlantic. By Edgar Hodges.

Tidespring. By John Rowan Dominy. Collection: National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

Drawings by Tim Walker. Career Montage/Line Drawings available to order. Tel.07855427850.

More by Tim Walker here

RFA Fort Grange by Peter Hogan. From the estate of Captain CG Butterworth.

J.Rigg. RFA Bayleaf at Yonderberry 1982.

Jim Rae.

HMS Saumarez refuelling from a Wave Class tanker.

Wave Baron tops up Campanula.

RFA Brown Ranger and HMS Chichester.

The Ultimate RAS.  With apologies to The Royal Fleet Auxiliary and HMS Eastbourne, and my 'Bootneck' Mates.

 Ossie Jones.  Have your favourite ship painted to order.


Tidespring and Hebe at Malta.    (Inexpertly photoshopped to remove flash reflections)

RFA Bacchus (2)    Xmas Cards still available. See  Merchandise Page



 Drawing of Olna by Michael F Taylor


 Sketch of Fort Victoria by Paul Strathdee

 Stromness in a unusual role.

 Grey Rover in a Christmas Card by Dave Frewin sold in aid of the RFA/RNLI Sir Galahad Lifeboat Appeal.

  Tidespring and Diligence on the cover of Force 4, Summer 1989 by JH Cracknell.

 Stromness on the cover of Force 4, Autumn 1983 . (Unknown)

 RFA Fort Rosalie (Unknown)

RFA Engadine 1982 by JD Walton (tbc)